Stories by Dan Neel

  • Quantum bridges backup gap

    Quantum is putting the finishing touches on a disk storage product that will enable companies to run data backups normally performed using tape, but at a much faster rate of speed than tape, according to Quantum representatives.

  • Fujitsu Softek enters storage management fray

    After two years in development, Fujitsu Software Technology (Fujitsu Softek) on Monday rolled out its Storage Manager 1.1.0 software, one of the first storage software products to integrate today's most sought-after storage management functions in one automated management console, storage experts report.

  • Intel looks to US white box market

    In a big win for US "white box" computer makers, Intel has joined the North American System Builders Association (NASBA) as a corporate partner.

  • Sun gets serious about Linux

    Sun Microsystems on Thursday extended an significant olive branch to the Linux community by embracing a wide range of Linux initiatives surrounding Sun's Solaris operating environment.

  • Sun readies dedicated storage management appliance

    Following through on its belief that storage management software should reside in a dedicated storage appliance, Sun Microsystems will begin offering such a device possibly before the end of 2002, according to industry sources familiar with the company's plans.

  • 2001: A year of unfulfilled promise for storage industry

    Any way you slice it, 2001 could have been a better year for the storage technology industry. But despite the promise and hype surrounding the three key storage issues of the year -- virtualisation, IP storage, and SAN (storage area network) and NAS (network attached storage) convergence -- 2001 ended up being little more than a staging ground for future progress, according to industry experts.

  • Big Blue begins shipping Regatta

    Setting the stage for a rumble in the Unix server market next year, IBM on Friday announced the full availability of its eServer p690 "Regatta" server.

  • Intel floods the channel with DDR memory

    Intel is busy stocking the channel with a new chip set capable of supporting DDR SRAM (double data rate synchronous DRAM) memory for the company's Pentium 4 processor, a source familiar with the company's plans said on Wednesday.

  • Transmeta challenges Intel with Crusoes

    Prepared to repeat its success within the Japanese portable PC market in the Intel-led United States portable PC market, chip maker Transmeta laid out its next-generation chip roadmap here at Comdex.

  • EMC, Compaq trade storage APIs

    Marking the first of many promised expansions of EMC's AutoIS heterogeneous storage management program, EMC on Thursday announced an agreement with storage rival Compaq Computer to jointly share their separate storage sub-system APIs.

  • AMD rolls out re-branded Athlon MP

    Advanced Micro Devices on Monday extended its new True Performance Initiative branding strategy to a set of Athlon MP (multiprocessor) chips for workstations and servers.