Stories by Mark Jones

  • NET EFFECT: Dazzled by remote control Windows

    Don't look now, but I think the IT industry has developed a passion for remote controls. And I'm a little nervous. Until recently, we've been obsessed with wireless keyboards, mice, and even high-tech input devices like Tablet PCs. Remote controls were largely the province of consumer electronics (CE) - the stack of small black plastic on your coffee table at home is enough for me to rest my case.

  • NET EFFECT: Lessons in loyalty

    If there's one thing we Aussies love, it's teaching them Yanks a trick or two. The success of our Olympic swimmers is a good case in point. In fact, we're not shy about talking up any of our sportspeople.

  • NET EFFECT: Is Sensis the new Dell?

    Freeway construction companies knew they were onto a good thing with the union of RFID technology and e-tag systems. The idea of speeding through a toll booth at 70kph is cool, but you don’t hand over your credit card details simply because you’re impressed by hearing that reassuring “bleep bleep”.

  • NET EFFECT: Trust me, I’m a channel entrepreneur

    Dig back through the pages of ARN over the years and you’ll find a trail of wrecked channel companies. Rapidly changing economics forced the hand of many a good, and let’s face it — really dodgy — channel operator.

  • Dell joins Itanium fray -- again

    When Dell launches a product you know a technology has come of age. The company yesterday launched its Intel Itanium 2-based PowerEdge 3250 server, marking the company's re-entry into the 64-bit computing market.

  • HP vision short on experience

    HP calls it the Adaptive Enterprise, but in reality it's an elaborate strategy that's long on business process re-engineering vision and short on real-world experience.

  • Wireless meshes with future

    It’s time we had a new buzzword. Thanks to wireless technology proponents, that new poster child has arrived: mesh networking.

  • Gates asserts claim on mobile era

    It was hard to miss the underlying message Bill Gates delivered during his opening keynote at Microsoft's first annual Mobile Developers Conference (MDC).

  • Apple extends enterprise reach

    Deepening its commitment to the enterprise, Apple Computer has announced its new Xserve and the company's first storage product, Xserve RAID.

  • STATESIDE: Mixed messaging from Big Blue

    IBM's On Demand vision for utility-style computing is a compelling idea. But at the same time, you could be forgiven for being confused about the details. As IBM rallies the entire company around grid computing, we're left trying to digest a set of mixed messages. On Demand is counter-cultural, challenging a whole set of metrics and assumptions upon which the IT industry is built. Technology delivered under this model requires zero tolerance for failure in order to be effective.