Stories by David Hellaby

  • Two worlds collide

    This year is shaping up as the start of a testing time for both the IT and consumer electronics channels as both battle to grab the lion's share of the booming digital home market. It is a battle on many fronts and one that is more likely to be won through collaboration than confrontation.

  • Growing in focus

    There are plenty of opportunities in a booming inkjet market, but resellers need to keep there finger on the pulse if they are to take full advantage, reports David Hellaby.

  • Growing in focus

    Printer vendors have a lot to thank the digital camera market for. The mushrooming demand for digital cameras and the growing popularity of multifunction printers have breathed new life into the inkjet market.

  • Adding value to security

    IT has been a good year for the major security software vendors with most of the majors reporting big increases in income and turnover. Among them Symantec posted a 48 per cent increase in global revenue for the first quarter of the year while Trend Micro's second quarter revenue was up 30 per cent and net income increased 144 per cent year-on-year.

  • Eye of the storm

    It's either feast or famine in the flat panel market these days. Few IT related markets have experienced the level of volatility that the international LCD panel market has in recent weeks as the global shortage has rapidly given way to oversupply and prompted Taiwanese and Korean manufacturers to offer prices that range from good to desperate.

  • UPS market in the chips

    Queenslanders are digging in for a bad storm season and preparing themselves for a summer of blackouts. There are already thunder clouds over the executive offices of the two major power suppliers - Ergon and Energex - which have been accused of letting the state's power infrastructure deteriorate to an unacceptable level.

  • Banking on broadband

    Australia passed the one million broadband connections mark in July, thanks largely to a price war that has seen residential rates plummet in recent months. The number of connections jumped about 50 per cent in the first half of the year as consumers and small businesses rushed to take advantage of the lower rates.

  • Mobile Mania

    IT is not that long ago that a notebook PC was considered purely and simply a business tool; a weapon for the road warrior who needed to slay his or her paperwork while on the move. It was a line of thinking driven by cost — portability was not always cheap, and the inability of because notebooks to compete with desktops in terms of processing power and graphics.

  • PC takes over the home

    Convergence has been a buzz word for the past decade but it has been a long time coming; however, with the impending arrival of Windows XP Media Centre Edition it may finally be about to arrive and with it will come a host of opportunities for the channel.

  • A bullet with butterfly wings?

    As governments around the world require companies to keep more and more data and make accessible, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) has been hyped as the silver bullet to fix the problem. But David Hellaby reports there is more confusion than cure surrounding ILM.

  • Watch this space

    When demand soars and sales figures for a product start going through the roof you can usually expect prices to start coming down rapidly as manufacturers ramp up production and the manufacturing cost per unit diminishes. But there is one notable exception — LCD panels.

  • War in store

    Enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region spent $US4 billion on data storage solutions last year. Now the SMB market is opening up, but the channel faces a challenge to educate the market and get over a religious war about technologies. David Hellaby reports.

  • Drawing the line

    THE printer consumables market has rarely been free of controversy and with consumer groups around the world once again targeting the market, major vendors are once more feeling the heat over the price of inkjet and toner cartridges.