Stories by Bob Trott and Ephraim Schwartz

  • Users cheer slower beta cycle for Windows NT 5.0

    Windows NT 5.0 beta testers are urging a slow, steady course in developing the next-generation client/server OS amid a rising tide of mixed signals from Microsoft about the product's readiness. The most official word about the release of Beta 3 of NT 5.0 came recently from Microsoft chief financial officer Greg Maffei, who said the beta edition would ship in the first quarter of 1999.

  • Vendors ready dual-boot PCs

    Windows 98 has become a flash point for disputes between Microsoft, its customers, and PC makers, many of which are taking matters into their own hands. Hewlett-Packard this fourth quarter plans to offer notebooks with a dual-boot feature, giving users a choice between Windows 98 and Windows 95.