Stories by Christian McIntosh

  • AMD grabs fastest mobile spot with K6-III

    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) last week released its 380MHz K6-III-P mobile processor, which it claims is the fastest x86 mobile PC processor on the market. Also available in 366MHz and 350MHz versions, the AMD K6-III-P processor competes with Intel's mobile Pentium III and mobile Pentium II Dixon chips, AMD officials said.

  • Gateway ships 475MHz budget PC

    Chip speeds are up, system prices are down, and budget PCs are adding features at a frenetic clip. It just doesn't make sense. But feature-rich PCs based on brand-name components are filtering into the sub-$US1500 market.

  • HP ships 'lunar-blue' Apollo printers

    Trying to keep pace with plummeting PC prices and penetrate the low end of the printer market, heavyweight Hewlett-Packard has introduced the first colour inkjet printers from Apollo Consumer Products, the company's wholly owned budget subsidiary. The Apollo P-1200 series of low-priced printers includes a base model, the P-1200, and a value-added unit, the P-1250i. The 1250i comes with a Printable Expressions Select Edition Greeting Card Collection and HP's Instant Delivery Internet printing software.