Stories by Gerard Norsa

  • Prices drop on Spirit modems

    Mike Boorne Electronics (MBE), the manufacturers of Spirit modems, has issued a new price list offering reduced dealer prices while maintaining its recommended retail prices.

  • Channel marketing blitz from Inprise

    After admitting to somewhat neglecting its channel in recent years, Inprise is switching its marketing coordinates to pinpoint opportunities for resellers of its Borland-branded software development tools.

  • Iomega brings new life to zip disks

    In a world of beige boxes and unimaginatively coloured storage disks, a splash of colour can add a whole new realm to the computer workstation, according to data storage solutions vendor, Iomega. The vendor has developed a 10-pack of brightly coloured 100MB zip disks for retail sale.

  • Creative Pacific blast off

    Creative Pacific has been trying to keep it quiet, but ARN has learned the distributor is about to unveil a new line of built-to-order PCs specifically aimed at enhanced gaming and home entertainment.

  • Dataflow keeps software distribution despite merger

    Software publisher The Learning Company (TLC) may have out-muscled some smaller software publishers during its recent splurge of acquisitions, but it is making no attempts to disrupt the long-standing distribution channels of its new business units.

  • Toys "R" Us move into the Xtreme-Zone

    There is one more competitor on the block for retailers as national games and hobby retailer Toys "R" Us this week launched its move into the electronic games market, a sector that up until recently was traditionally the territory of computer stores.

  • New handhelds push the envelope

    Hand held computers are destined to make significant inroads into the enterprise computing solutions market if the increased performance and functionality of Casio Computer's new range - launched in Sydney on Wednesday - are any guide.

  • Channel confused over TCO

    Resellers are missing the mark when selling TCO benefits to their customers, according to David Finn, managing director of printer manufacturer Kyocera.

  • Asking the $69 question

    The launch of Windows 98 brought many new faces into retail computer outlets to see what all the fuss is about.

  • More headaches stem from Empire's demise

    A batch of Mustang 4550A 5GB hard disks from the now-defunct Micropolis are starting to create warranty headaches for some of the customers who bought systems which incorporate them.