Stories by Barbara Krasnoff

  • Two personal scanners: NeatDesk vs. Xerox Mobile Scanner

    Small personal scanners are a great way to track and tame both personal and business paperwork. For many professionals, just the number of business cards that are collected over the course of a year -- especially if they attend any conferences or trade shows -- can be daunting. Especially now that the optical character recognition (OCR) process has become more efficient, anyone who deals with a lot of hard copy on a day-to-day basis should be strongly considering a scanner.

  • First look: The Kobo eReader Touch Edition

    On Monday, Kobo announced its latest e-book reader at BookExpo America (BEA), the annual publishing event in New York City: the <a href="">Kobo eReader Touch Edition</a> . I had a chance to play with the new device on Wednesday for a few minutes, and while you can't really conclude anything from a few minutes of working with a demo unit at a trade show booth, I did come away with a pretty positive feeling about the new Kobo Touch.

  • Sony introduces three light, bright touch-screen e-readers

    The e-reader market is constantly moving, with new models being introduced (and prices dropping) on almost a weekly rate. The latest additions are from Sony, which has revamped its line of Sony Reader e-book readers. While two out of the three new models don't have wireless connections to a bookstore -- and are therefore missing the instant gratification that Amazon's Kindle offers -- the new devices are sleek and good-looking, with a lot of interesting features.

  • 8 weird but cool Android apps

    So you told your boss that you bought your Android smartphone so that you could track your business calls, be more effective when traveling for your company, have easy access to Gmail and keep your organization's Twitter feed current. But we know what's really going on -- you got that smartphone because it was cool and because you wanted to play with all the apps.

  • Dell's Latitude Z laptop goes for the high end

    Dell, once the king of low-cost over-the-phone computer sales, has recently been trying to find its niche as a purveyor of luxury goods in what could charitably be called a stuttering economy. Having first gone for the high-end consumer market with its sleek Adamo notebook released in March, it has turned its sights to the corporate sector with the sleek, expensive and better equipped Latitude Z.

  • 8 free Twitter clients for better tweeting

    If you want to keep up with your friends, support political campaigns, gossip about your favorite celebrities or find out about new technologies, your best bet in today's digital culture is Twitter. Twitter has also become a necessary part of every business's marketing plan. You want people to visit your Web site? Buy your product? Talk about your CEO's philosophy? You need to be tweeting about it.