Stories by Steve Ulfelder

  • Self-assembling molecules to tackle Moore's Law

    Someday, computer chips will be grown, not made. The concept of nanotechnology - that is, the manufacture of preposterously small objects - is at least familiar to most, although the scales involved continue to boggle the mind (a pinhead is about 1 million nanometres wide). It's easy to see why such extreme miniaturisation interests semiconductor makers: Feeding the beast called Moore's Law grows more difficult with every generation of chips.

  • Managed storage: One tough business

    The once-promising storage service provider (SSP) market has fallen on hard times. SSPs initially thrived by handling the storage needs of businesses, often dotcoms that had no interest in building a storage infrastructure let alone educating staff to run it.

  • Peer pressure

    In a former job, Bala Nair once had a new co-worker who just wasn't getting with the program. Other team members were working overtime and mopping up after the newbie, who was talented but had never before worked in a structured environment. The morale of the five-member team was suffering, says Nair, who's now a senior architect at in Woburn, Massachusetts.