Stories by Lily Walker

  • New images surface of supposed 'iPhone Lite' shells in different colours

    Australian writer Sonny Dickson was the first to publish the latest images of what many are now calling the ‘iPhone Lite' on his twitter account. The image shows outer shells for what could be a new, cheaper plastic phone in white, red, yellow, green and blue. This is the first time a blue case has been shown and the colours are a lot less bright than in the photos released earlier this month.

  • Complete guide to the iPad mini

    The New iPad only launched back in March, but that doesn’t stop Apple fans from getting excited about the possibility of a redesigned - and smaller - iPad mini.

  • How to get Mountain Lion for free

    If you have bought a Mac or MacBook recently then you won't miss out on the new system and have to fork out again to stay up to date. Apple is giving away OS X Mountain Lion completely free to anyone who has bought a new computer or laptop in the past few weeks.

  • 2011's top stories: iPhone 5

    This year Macworld readers wanted to know about the secret details of the iPhone 5, which we know now, was in fact iPhone 4S. From lost prototypes, to leaked specifications, the internet was awash with on-going speculations of what the iPhone 5 would look like and what it would be able to do.

  • 2011's top stories: Steve Jobs

    Earlier this year, the world witnessed a huge loss, there will never be a man quite like Steve Jobs, and not surprisingly, many of our most read stories this year were about the man behind Apple.