Stories by Dave Willmer

  • Eight ways to keep your best workers on board

    The organizations honored as Best Places to Work are vastly different in many ways, but they tend to share an ability to keep their most productive people on board. While there's never a good time to neglect retention, doing so now may prove to be especially costly. With economic conditions beginning to improve, some organizations are looking to increase staffing levels. And as job opportunities proliferate, IT professionals will be more likely to consider moving to a new employer. Businesses that don't address this looming challenge will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

  • Seven tips for keeping employees upbeat

    In these tough economic times, even workers at stable organisations might be finding it hard to stay motivated. Here are seven effective ways to keep your own employees motivated and ensure that your organisation remains a positive place to work.

  • Employment referrals the right way

    When competition for IT opportunities is intense, the value of every possible edge is magnified. A recommendation from someone within a potential employer can make the difference between landing an interview and continuing frustration. In many cases, job seekers are calling on the outermost reaches of their networks -- and sometimes beyond -- to find a way in.