Stories by Steven Max Patterson

  • Why Google bought Songza: The music industry's third revolution

    Pandora and Spotify sparked a music revolution of sorts when they began convincing consumers that they did not need to own their music to enjoy it. Mobile analytics firm Flurry's CEO Simon Khalaf noted in a talk he gave at Source 14 that MP3 purchases were declining while streamed consumption was exploding.

  • A Supreme Court win for Aereo would take the fight out of broadcasters

    If Aereo prevails in its Supreme Court case, Fox executive Chase Carey threatened to end over-the-air OTA broadcasts. It's all bark and no bite. Aereo streams television programming over broadband that household users would otherwise receive free with an antenna, but don't because they can't pick up the signal. What has upset the television industry is Aereo's claim that its specialized antenna exempts it from paying broadcasters for their programming.

  • NBC Sports disputes World Cup streaming record

    The World Cup match between Cameroon and Mexico was viewed 2.8 million times, setting a world record for the most views of a sporting match streamed over the internet. However, NBC Sports still claims it holds the record for the most internet views of a sporting match, Variety reported yesterday, even though the record-setting 2014 Olympic Semi Final hockey game between the U.S. and Canada generated only 2.1 million views.

  • How the 'Internet of Thing' will become the Internet of Things

    Qualcomm's Liat Ben Zur spoke of the "Internet of Thing," in the singular case rather than the plural, at the recent MIT Technology Review Digital Summit. She made the point using Google's Nest thermostat that is connected to the cloud, and the cloud to an app to control it. Add another IoT device, add another cloud, and another app and so on. She brought into question IoT device interoperability and the rationale for sending all IoT data through the cloud when the purpose of much of the data is communicating between local devices on a proximal network. Proximal means local, like a LAN. If IoT devices from different brands are to work together in the proximal network independent of the cloud, the industry will need to agree to standards.

  • Android's new permissions: Unappreciated by many, disparaged by few

    Android users worried about the new Android permissions aren't the users this update was intended to help. The minority of Android enthusiasts know enough to protect themselves against the perceived flaws. The controversy that surrounds this update is clearly an example of what Voltaire referred to when he said "perfect is the enemy of good" two and a half centuries ago.