Stories by Dave Wiskus

  • Where Apple design is headed in 2014

    2013 was an interesting year for Apple. Jony Ive's move to the head of software design bore its first fruit with the launch of iOS 7, shaking up some established Apple design conventions and breaking a long-held pattern of focused iteration in a company not known for its wild mood swings.

  • The secret of Apple's design success: the humane interface

    A key to Apple's success is the company's insistence on reducing options in the name of reducing complexity. Those who decry Apple customers as fanboys attack us and the company alike, saying that because Apple chooses to focus on simplicity, we and it must also be simple. That's the wrong interpretation of the facts.

  • Opinion: Apple and the future of design

    I blame the floppy disk. For years, it served as the icon for "save," clearly illustrating to the user that your data would be written to that flat square thing with the hole in it--a digital representation of hardware, guiding you to your intended goal. Clicking that icon would block the UI with an hourglass cursor, and reward you with the familiar grinding song of a floppy drive.