Stories by Helen Han

  • High-impact trends emerging in enterprise computing

    A new dawn in high-end computing has emerged, according to Gartner, which the analyst has labelled the fourth era in enterprise computing. Creating the new era are economic forces like globalisation, the rapid pace of change in new areas of IT such as biotechnology and nanotechnology (microchip-based and molecular technology), and worldwide, a higher value placed on intellectual capital over traditional forms of capital like property.

  • Directors take over Cognicase in $20m buyout

    The Australian management team of Montreal-based e-commerce software maker Cognicase has bought out the Australia and New Zealand operation and cut its ties with its Canadian parent.

  • MS revises enterprise marketing strategy

    Microsoft has changed its enterprise partnering model to simplify relationships with corporate customers, moving from an uncoordinated sales and marketing approach to closer customer engagement through its technology partners.

  • SWOT: At your service

    Outsourcing to a managed service provider (MSP) seems to present all the answers small-to-medium organisations (SMORGs) are looking for when it comes to managing IT. The nature of a SMORG dictates that it focuses on its core competencies - and dealing with technology is usually not one of them.

  • E-marketplaces score in long-term strategies

    Popular perception may have it that e-marketplaces are a still a mystery to companies, however a new study into e-business adoption trends worldwide dispels this "myth", revealing that most IT executives intend to use them to boost long-term revenues.

  • Rapid growth drives fleet manager to outsource

    Leaseplan, one of Australia's largest fleet management companies, has awarded a multimillion-dollar outsourcing contract to KAZ Computer Services to house the company's IBM AS/400 mid-range computer systems and IT facilities for the next five years.

  • Australian customs plans "e-cargo" system

    The Federal Government's Justice and Customs Department aims to increase the flow of international trade with Australia through a first-time integrated electronic cargo management system expected to go live early next year.

  • Aspect signs $5m Defence data deal

    Enterprise integrator, Aspect Computing has signed a $5 million-plus, one-year deal with The Australian Defence Force (ADF) for the implementation of a series of core enterprise applications, designed to plan and help conduct a range of air, sea and land military operations.

  • SWOT: On the Icarus trail: Can XSPs learn to fly?

    It's something the industry probably doesn't want to hear: the ‘xSP' service delivery model has been dismissed by a handful of analysts (and services companies themselves) as a sexy buzzword, devised by the Yanks to create excitement around the services market and to imply infinite opportunities for any company with a worthwhile technology service.