Stories by Dennis O'Reilly

  • Better mix, for less

    If you're tired of waiting for Microsoft's delayed Office 2007, consider this: Corel's WordPerfect Office X3 Standard tops Microsoft's Office 2003 Standard in every category.

  • Macromedia's revamped Web suite

    Macromedia has overhauled its Studio 8 Web suite, but many of the changes are not to its individual applications. Overall, the suite features tighter integration and improved links to databases and other Web resources; but those who work primarily in only one of the suite's big-name apps (Dreamweaver, Flash, or Fireworks), may find few reasons to pay $US399 to upgrade from Studio MX 2004.

  • Is email doomed?

    Between spam and viruses, email is taking a battering as users’ favourite online application. Add to that privacy concerns and a few emerging alternatives such as messaging and voice telephony, and the killer app may be losing favour, according to some experts at the recent Email Technology Conference in San Francisco.

  • Looking into Flash's future

    Flash is growing up. It seems like only yesterday that Macromedia's vector animation software was best known for the bandwidth-clogging intros website visitors had to sit through before the site's home page loaded. How 1999!

  • Pentagon pushes next version of IP

    The next version of the Internet Protocol, which provides a 128-bit standard to transmit data, is getting a jump-start for adoption with its endorsement by the US Department of Defense. The result: A boost in the number of available Internet addresses, to eventually number as many as an address for every cell in every person on the planet.