Stories by Janet Waxman

  • NT storage: opportunity or illusion?

    There's no question that the Windows NT server and storage markets have higher CAGRs than the corresponding Unix markets. However, looking just at CAGRs can paint a misleading picture. As unit and revenue numbers from International Data Corp (IDC) show, the Unix market is starting from a bigger base than NT's, so despite a lower growth rate, Unix remains the larger of the two markets.

  • Server-centric vendors: wake up!

    Sales agreements have been a bone of contention between vendors and integrators for years. As systems vendors add more products to their lines, they seemed compelled to spew out an equal number of agreements. Integrators are often angered when locked out of selling certain products for lack of an agreement. Some vendors have caught on and now extend their contracts - with a catch: you still have to sell their servers.