Stories by Matthew Nelson

  • Melissa's back, and she's not happy

    The Melissa virus continues to be the virus that will not die, as two new, much more destructive Melissa variants have been discovered and are spreading across the world via e-mail.

  • IT goes on Y2K security alert

    Some people just cannot resist throwing fuel on the fire. Virus writers and hackers are already planning to take advantage of the chaos expected to ensue at the start of the millennium, and experts warn of the potential for hundreds of thousands of viruses to appear before the end of the year.

  • Melissa variant pokes fun at Bill Gates

    A new variant of the Melissa virus, called VBS.Monopoly and specifically targeting Microsoft chief executive officer Bill Gates, has been posted to virus list sites and is purported to be spreading across networks.

  • Virus could provide enterprise entry to hackers

    Two new Trojan horse attacks are currently being sent via an e-mail spam format across the Internet by a hacker who persuades users to install it as a new screen saver, and then uses it to get access to those users' systems.

  • Melissa mutant threatens networks

    The Melissa virus, which swept across networks around the world last month, has popped up again in a mutated format, which may have occurred when it inadvertently came in to contact with another virus.

  • AOL, Sun team up to tackle Internet commerce

    As part of America Online's acquisition of Netscape Communications and its alliance with Sun Microsystems, the companies this week will announce a functionally independent division focusing on Internet-commerce applications.

  • Oracle deepens I-commerce commitment

    Oracle was last week scheduled to announce several Internet-commerce initiatives, including the official rollout of its Oracle Internet Bill & Pay module and the signing of an alliance with VeriFone, a unit of Hewlett-Packard. The Internet Bill & Pay product - formerly known as Tribeca - is intended to let users deliver and pay bills over the Internet, according to sources close to the company.

  • NAI beefs up virus defence suite

    Network Associates (NAI) is continuing to roll out antivirus products resulting from its acquisition of Dr. Solomon's and is preparing to offer a new version of its Total Virus Defense (TVD) suite of products. The suite consists of VirusScan 4.0 Enterprise Edition, NetShield 4.0, GroupShield for Exchange and Notes 4.0, and the WebShield product line to protect the Internet gateway.

  • Brightware CEO discusses next step for Net

    While Internet-commerce systems sprout across the land, many merchants are finding that keeping customers happy in this new sales landscape is a difficult proposition. Recently, Chuck Williams, president and CEO of Brightware, sat down with IDG's Matthew Nelson to discuss why responding to Internet customers' needs is crucial.

  • Two faces for the firewall

    Network Associates (NAI) is poised to drop a bombshell on the normally staid firewall-security market with the release of a new kind of firewall technology, called Adaptive Proxy, at NetWorld+Interop in Atlanta next week. NAI intends to remove the necessity of choosing between stateful-inspection firewalls and proxy firewalls with Adaptive Proxy, which can be configured to support either method.

  • 3Com paves the way to resellers with XML

    3Com - in what could be the first move by a major company to use Extensible Markup Language (XML) on its Internet-commerce Web site - has added increased functionality and connections to US partners that also use XML, and in so doing may have solved a problem facing product vendors and resellers.