Stories by Elinor Mills Abreu

  • Dexmier: Web re-energising Informix

    As chief financial officer of Informix for the past two years, Jean-Yves Dexmier had a tough assignment - to get the ailing database vendor back on its fiscal feet. When he recently took over as Informix's chief executive officer and president, Dexmier was buoyed by news of a fiscal turnaround as Informix beat analyst expectations by two points, reporting second-quarter earnings of $US17.5 million, or 9 cents per share, on revenue of $206.8 million. Dexmier took some time out to speak with IDG's Elinor Mills Abreu about his plans for the future of Informix.

  • Citrix to merge with ViewSoft

    Citrix Systems, maker of thin client/server software, announced last week it had merged with ViewSoft, a US organisation that specialises in software for multi-tier and Web-based application development.

  • Microsoft joins 'free PC' fray

    Microsoft plunged into the "free PC" fray on Wednesday with its announcement that customers who pay upfront for three years of MSN (Microsoft Network) Internet Access will get a 400MHz PC from computer manufacturer Lan Plus at no cost.

  • Torvalds on Linux

    In this interview with Elinor Mills Abreu, Torvalds talks about the open-source revolution and the benefits of different Linux distributions and development partnerships.

  • Y2K expert foresees inconvenience, not chaos

    A 34-year-old year 2000 expert, who sold his first company to Microsoft and travels around the globe dispensing advice on how to prepare computer systems for the date change, predicts there will be inconvenience, not chaos, after New Year's Eve.