Stories by Cameron Roberts

  • Centennial launches into Australia

    Global software developer, Centennial, has emerged into the Australian market offering asset management services that it hopes will clear any confusion clients may have over software licensing.

  • New rules to protect against high phone bills

    Unexpectedly high telephone bills arising from Internet dialers and premium-rate phone services will soon be tackled by new service provider rules being developed by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA).

  • Strong growth for security software

    Strong growth for security software and the need to counteract the recent unauthorised breaches of corporate web sites will be the key drivers of the Australian software market in the coming years, according to a new research by market analysts IDC.

  • Telstra hikes prices

    Telstra has increased charges on residential and business phone line rental after reporting a 2002 calendar after-tax profit of $1.184 billion. The price increase is offset by cheaper local calls. However, the cuts are minimal and only on Telstra’s most ‘popular’ local call services.

  • DiData sign with ECI Telecom

    Systems integrator Dimension Data (DiData) has signed an agreement with ECI Telecom to jointly market ECI’s broadband DSL products in Australia.

  • Broadband connections increase slowly

    Internet users across Australia are increasingly using broadband services, but the rate of take-up is diminishing, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

  • Lexmark Australia pleased with US court ruling

    Lexmark Australia officials are delighted with a court injunction in the US instructing Static Control Components (SCC) to cease manufacturing the Smartek chip that allows unauthorised access to Lexmark’s protected software systems.

  • Electioneering in IT: The NSW election

    The upcoming New South Wales election on March 22 has prompted both the incumbent Labor Government and the opposition to indulge in yet another round of promises to boost the iInformation and communications technology (ICT) industry.