Stories by David Smedley

  • KITBAG: Web Insight

    While the dot-com downfall may have stopped companies from surreptitiously placing an "e" at the front or a ".com" at the end of their names, the hasn't stopped them from making the most of Web sites themselves. In both the corporate realm, where it is indeed hard to find a company without some kind of a Web presence, and the SME markets, a Web site is increasingly becoming the norm.

  • KITBAG: Broadband: the waiting game

    Some say the new economy is all about revolution. In this respect, you could consider the dot-com hiatus of the past year a failed coup -- fresh-faced start-ups storming the money markets, temporarily gaining control, then seeing their power diminish as once-loyal supporters deserted in droves

  • Venture launched for small-time punters

    Confirming their confidence in the long-term outlook of the local technology sector, investment company Ord Minnett and institutional fund manager Allen & Buckeridge have kicked off a new tech fund for startups in the pre-IPO stage.

  • Microsoft serves up 'world's fastest database'

    Despite the US Justice Department (DOJ) and 19 states officially asking the District Court to split Microsoft into two companies in the US on Monday, the software juggernaut rolled on yesterday releasing the beta 2 version of its SQL Server 2000.

  • Investors look for new solution

    Investors continued to dump Solution 6 shares yesterday despite the company's announcement on Friday it would push ahead with plans for a $US150 million merger with US counterpart, Elite.

  • Linux aims to serve

    Linux has become the fastest-growing operating environment in the server market, according to IDC's worldwide quarterly survey.

  • Sausage machine moves stateside

    The stock market slowdown of the past week has not deterred Melbourne-based Sausage Software and its Victorian counterpart IXLA from entering into a global marketing deal to target the multibillion-dollar US ecommerce market.

  • The aftermath of 'correction' Monday

    The effects of Wall Street's record 617 point loss last week saw the ASX All Ordinaries plummet 5.68 per cent yesterday -- closing under 3000 points for the first time since November last year.

  • Investors see red

    As was widely predicted, the reverberations from Wall Street's record 617-point loss on Friday have caused similar carnage for local investors this morning.

  • Tech stocks roasted again

    The Australian share market copped another hammering yesterday as investors ditched tech stocks in favour of their financial counterparts.

  • Market moody over Telstra 'adventure'

    The market has not done Telstra any favours today after the telco announced its multibillion-dollar deal with Hong Kong internet company Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) yesterday.

  • Tech investors hold their breath

    Dotcom investors are gripping their stock charts for another frenetic ride today after local tech companies were hammered yesterday when the Nasdaq plummeted as much as 13 per cent on Tuesday night.