Stories by Martin Veitch

  • Vivek Ranadivé of Tibco: 'We are entering the third era of IT'

    With the word ‘recession' on every-body's lips, an unprecedented collapse in the finance sector still echoing, and a year of flat IT budgets being widely predicted, you could forgive the CEO of Tibco for being a little downbeat. But Vivek Ranadivé, the boss of arguably the world's largest integration software specialist, is coming out fighting and he has some solid financial numbers with which to back himself.

  • Citrix likely to raise prices

    Citrix Systems is likely to follow software giants Oracle and SAP by raising prices. The company that pioneered Windows thin-client computing said that the decline in the value of the dollar against other currencies was forcing its hand.

  • Google aims for business mainstream with Taylor Woodrow win

    Google has made a significant gain in its attempts to replicate consumer successes in the blue-chip enterprise world. Construction and facilities management giant Taylor Woodrow said early this month that it has deployed about 1800 seats for Google Apps, the search giant's business-focused suite of applications for email, calendaring, voice calls, productivity and collaboration tools.

  • Don't believe the Windows 7 hype

    That the PR hordes at Microsoft would begin the jungle drumbeat for the next version of Windows within an ace of the launch of Vista was, of course, to be expected. The company's default position whenever challenged about its latest products has always been to pique the appetite for the next version through calculated leaks, the drawing up of roadmaps, the tossing around of code names and the issuing of possible feature details. This predictable tactic is rearing its head again with a steady stream of stories appearing in the media: Google News today lists 862. The question is: why do we play along?