Stories by Sean Dugan

  • A vision of pervasive computing

    Transmeta made its debut slightly more than a year ago, after being one of the better-kept secrets in Silicon Valley. Its most impressive product is the Crusoe chip, a low-cost computer processor designed to extend battery life and usher in a new era of handheld computing devices. Dave Ditzel, the founder of Transmeta, is a veteran of Sun Microsystems where, as CTO, he was instrumental in developing Sun's RISC computer chip architecture.

  • Pervasive computing

    IDG: What do you see in five years as the standard PC? Dave Ditzel, Transmeta founder and CTO:Very simply, that I can get my e-mail no matter where I am, as easily as I get a phone call today.

  • HotMetal Pro builds efficiency into site design

    Speed may kill, but on the Internet it's slow Web site development that will turn your business into a casualty. SoftQuad's HotMetal Pro, Version 6.0, released in mid-October, is all about productivity without compromise. Completely graphics-oriented HTML editors are notorious for producing sloppy HTML code, which eventually must be corrected by hand. The further removed you get from the down-and-dirty HTML, the more room there is for error. HotMetal solves this by building efficiency right into Web site development, allowing developers to rapidly build Web pages with clean HTML code.

  • HomeSite evolves with design tools

    In the world of HTML editing tools, only the fittest will survive, and Allaire's HomeSite 4.0 is sure to stick around for a long while. HomeSite has always catered specifically to the needs of expert webmasters, but with Version 4.0 it has evolved into a slightly different animal, now offering visual Web design tools. Nevertheless, HomeSite remains a solid product.

  • HotMetal recasts tools

    HTML editing tools tend to divide into two camps: the easy-to-use visual editor, aimed at the novice, and the advanced Web editor, which looks more like a traditional development environment. SoftQuad's Version 5.0 of HotMetal Pro, belonging to the latter category, is a tool worthy of the most advanced user. With this version, HotMetal graduates to a truly wysiwyg editing environment, with strong page previewing capabilities and extensive drag-and-drop features.

  • Will Jini grant Sun's wish?

    Sun Microsystems has a vision for network computing in the next century, and the technology Sun hopes will make this dream a reality is called Jini. Sean Dugan investigates its possibilities of success.