Stories by Cat Beauchamp

  • Nortel Networks sacks 120 per cent of staff

    One way to keep spirits up in the face of adversity to is to laugh at someone else. With pink slips and DCMs (don't come Monday) flying in the network hardware space at the moment, the good folk at Lucent Technologies decided it was a good time to ignore their own vulnerability and poke fun at rival Nortel.

  • Clinton Downunder

    Lock up your interns. Break out the Cuban cigars. Manicure those tees, fairways and greens. The big Billster is coming to our shores.

  • Beats working every time

    They told you it was all hard work. A long, arduous journey followed by an extensive series of intense conference sessions, and serious networking with future potential partners (or employers) which taxed the brain and left no time for any fun.

  • No fat lady singing yet for Singpus

    It's amazing what you overhear in flash North Sydney nosheries when high-flying industry people have no idea you're a Tabloid journalist. North Sydney is a hotbed of technology company headquarters, so most of the good restaurants (and many of the bad ones) around the traps make suitable venues for a bit of IT industry gas-bagging.

  • Distributor leaves $9M mess in vendor's lap

    Tabloid has learnt from extremely reliable sources that one of the world's leading IT hardware vendors with a keen focus on notebooks is sitting on a $9 million outstanding debt from one of its prime channel partners.

  • One more rugby associate tackling the channel

    Enterprise software vendor Computer Associates is demonstrating why players such as league superstar Wendell Sailor are clambering to play the global variety of rugby, with the appointment of Wallaby Stephen Larkham to staff.

  • Vendor bypasses channel

    We have yet to confirm all the details of this item (which is why you are reading it in Tabloid and not on page 1), but yet another international vendor has sneakily manoeuvred behind its channel's back on a huge PC deal.

  • Playboy Ellison stalks bridge boy Gates

    There was something very satisfying for us hard-partying, worldly wise hacks of the Tabloid press to read last week that Oracle's man-about-town Larry Ellison had surpassed Microsoft's nerdish Bill Gates as the world's richest man.

  • Hardly normal competitiveness

    Gerry Harvey and the good people at Harvey Norman are up on the Net again, but despite lots of bells, whistles and flash[ing] technology, the bricks and mortar retail juggernaut still just doesn't seem to get the point about having a presence online. Last week its prime feature on the Web site was a pointer to its current runout software sale happening - wait for it - at your nearest Harvey Norman store.