Stories by John Blau

  • ITU approves additional WLAN spectrum

    After more than three weeks of discussions, negotiators at an international radio frequency conference have agreed to allocate additional spectrum to the increasingly popular wireless LAN (WLAN) Internet technology.

  • SAP to target PeopleSoft customers

    Although most companies loathe uncertainty, it can provide opportunity from time to time. That’s the view of SAP AG, which sees a window of opportunity to poach customers amid uncertainty related to Oracle’s hostile bid for PeopleSoft.

  • Ballmer targets Linux in annual memo

    Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, didn't mince his words when he wrote to all Microsoft employees that non-commercial open source software, particularly the Linux operating system, was a "competitive challenge".

  • SCO hit by legal action in Germany

    The German subsidiary of The SCO Group has temporarily shut down its website, after a local Linux user group received a restraining court order against the US software group, but plans to reactivate the site shortly.

  • German government develops open source guidelines

    The Federal Ministry of the Interior is developing a list of guidelines for federal, state and local governments as well as other public sector agencies interested in migrating their computer systems to open source software, including the Linux operating system.

  • SAP to issue new SRM release

    Business software vendor SAP will begin shipping a new version of its supply relationship management (SRM) software next month with several enhancements, including live auctions and supplier portals.

  • Microsoft to ship RTC Server 2003 in Q3

    Microsoft will begin shipping its real-time communications RTC Server 2003 software in the third quarter as the company moves to capture a share of the enterprise instant messaging (IM) and collaboration market.

  • Server shipments jump 10 per cent

    The worldwide server market performed better than expected in the first quarter of 2003, despite the threat of a lingering war with Iraq and a continued weak economy, which had an effect on IT spending during the quarter, according to market analyst Gartner.

  • Nokia buys Eizel Technologies

    Nokia has agreed to acquire Eizel Technologies, a privately held software company that specialises in server-based products designed to transform email messages, attachments, intranet applications and Web content into formats easily accessible by virtually any mobile device on any network, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer announced in a statement.

  • Report: WorldCom to change name to MCI

    WorldCom plans to drop its tainted name in favour of MCI as the bankrupt US carrier seeks to establish a new image with customers, The Wall Street Journal has reported.

  • German government receives Microsoft discount

    Governments and big multinational companies should take note of Microsoft's willingness to bend on prices in an effort to keep key accounts for its Windows operating system from wandering into the open-source Linux camp.