Stories by John Blau

  • SAP acquires US retail software specialist

    In a vertical move to broaden its offerings for customers in the retail sector, German business software vendor SAP has agreed to acquire Retek, a developer of retail management software.

  • HSDPA is a mouthful for speed

    If the acronym HSDPA means nothing to you, read on because the technology behind this string of letters could soon significantly change the way you work and play on your mobile device.

  • T-Mobile ups focus on mobile workers

    Intensifying its focus on corporate users, T-Mobile International Tuesday announced a new Windows Mobile-based smart phone that combines cellular and wireless Internet technologies.

  • SAP makes offer to PeopleSoft users

    One day after Oracle announced its first initiative as a newly merged company, rival German business software vendor, SAP, has responded with a new maintenance and migration service aimed at its customers running PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards applications.

  • Germans move ahead on cheap RFID plastic chip

    Researchers in Germany have come one step closer to realising a dream of manufacturers, retailers and other companies seeking advanced but inexpensive ways to trace products and materials - a cheap chip made of plastic that can be printed on foil the same way a newspaper is printed on paper.

  • SAP, Microsoft deliver developer tool

    SAP and Microsoft announced the availability of a new portal development kit, delivering on a promise made last year to integrate their Web services-based technology platforms.

  • New mobile phone virus spreads two ways

    A Brazilian virus writer has unleashed a new mobile phone virus, called Lasco.A, that is capable of spreading both through the short-range wireless Bluetooth technology and by attaching itself to files, according to the Finnish antivirus company F-Secure.

  • IBM's PC unit lost money from 2001 onwards

    IBM Corp.'s personal computer business racked up US$965 million in losses between Jan. 1, 2001, and June 30, 2004, the company said last week in a filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, detailing the planned sale of the business to China's Lenovo Group Ltd.

  • New strain of Skulls Trojan hits smart phones

    Mobile phones running Symbian's Series 60 operating system are the target of a new strain of the Skulls Trojan horse program. The new Trojan comes with the Cabir.B worm, which, unlike the first version of the virus, can spread to other phones within reach of Bluetooth broadcasting range.

  • Philips quietly re-enters PC market in Europe

    After nearly a decade of absence, Philips is quietly re-entering the PC market in Europe. But this time, the Amsterdam-based electronics giant is not building computers but rather slapping its well-known consumer electronics brand name on machines manufactured by others.

  • UN alliance aims to promote IT in poor countries

    Participants at a United Nations (U.N.) meeting in Berlin this week proposed creating a global alliance that would spur investment in communications technology in the world's poorest countries as a follow-up to next year's World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

  • Siemens agrees to sell Huawei enterprise gear

    Siemens continues to deepen its ties with Chinese rival Huawei Technologies. The engineering and manufacturing conglomerate agreed Friday to resell routers and switches from Huawei's Quidway product line just eight months after the two companies formed a joint venture for manufacturing new mobile broadband systems in China.