Stories by John Blau

  • Sensor turns cell phones into wireless Web servers

    With a new application developed by Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia, users can create personal pages on their mobile phones complete with text and graphics and exchange these with other phones, essentially turning their handsets into wireless Web servers.

  • Microsoft plans mobile e-mail push upgrade

    For its Windows Mobile 5.0 handset software announced in May, Microsoft plans later this year to offer an upgrade that will provide push e-mail technology and improved security management, the company announced Monday at its Tech Ed conference.

  • Infineon offers VDSL2 chipset

    German chip maker Infineon Technologies has moved quickly to offer what the company claims is the world's first chipset that is fully compliant with the new high-speed DSL (digital subscriber line) standard approved on Friday.

  • Cisco, Intel embrace SAP's services platform

    SAP is expected to announced that several big-name companies, including Adobe Systems, Cisco Systems and Intel, have agreed to embrace its new service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform. The deals follow separate agreements reached last month with IBM, Macromedia and Microsoft.

  • Siemens acquires IPTV software company Myrio

    German electronics giant Siemens has reached an agreement to acquire U.S. software company Myrio, which specializes in technology for providing TV service over the Net, Siemens said Friday.

  • VoIP vendors communicate message to consumers

    Telephony has not been a big theme traditionally at the CeBIT trade show - until now. Interest is surging as voice evolves into one of many software applications that businesses and consumers can now run on their office or home Internet protocol networks.

  • Philips develops new non-volatile memory

    Scientists at Koninklijke Philips Electronics have developed a new technology for nonvolatile memory chips that, unlike flash memory, perform better the smaller the memory cells are made, the Dutch electronics giant announced earlier this week.

  • Hitachi moves into data storage outsourcing

    Japanese electronics giant Hitachi, which acquired IBM's disk drive manufacturing arm more than two years ago, is now quietly expanding into the business of providing storage services for multinational companies.

  • Telecom exhibitors reach out to consumers

    Consumers should have a lot to see at the stands of numerous telecommunications equipment makers and service providers exhibiting at this year's Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany. This hasn't always been the case.

  • Cool gadgets arrive in chilly Hanover

    Business people need them and consumers love them -- the many new smart wireless devices that are making work and play a whole lot more productive and entertaining. Expect to find a truckload of cool gadgets at the Cebit trade show, which begins next week in Hanover, Germany.