Stories by Jon Cornetto

  • Novell cozies up to Oracle

    Novell took a giant step in the enterprise database market recently by announcing support for Oracle8i and unveiling SQL Integrator, a new middleware product for integrating disparate databases over a network. With Novell's NetWare support for Oracle8i, customers will be able to consolidate database information, applications, and files onto a central server that can be accessed through a Web browser, according to Novell.

  • Microsoft scales down SQL Server

    Microsoft this quarter will ship a database for handheld systems as well as a long-awaited desktop version of its SQL Server database. The company is also expected to make a move that could signal a gradual phase out of its popular Access database for PCs.

  • BEA aims to overthrow IBM

    With Internet-commerce applications spurring demand for transaction processing systems to an all-time high, BEA Systems plans to make a renewed challenge to IBM for the transaction processing crown via a series of Java initiatives beginning this month.

  • Bogus e-mail patch for Microsoft Outlook reported

    While Microsoft was busily posting patches to fix a security flaw in its Outlook 98 and Outlook Express 4.x e-mail client, a Microsoft imposter was sending a false e-mail patch to users, claiming it was a fix from Microsoft.