Stories by Denise Dubie

  • Cisco sends employees home to work

    Cisco has revealed it garnered more than US$277 million in productivity savings by letting employees work from home using the company's own virtual office technology.

  • Weighing the pros/cons of desktop virtualization

    Successful server virtualization deployments lead many IT managers to believe desktop virtualization would provide the same benefits. While that is partly true, companies need to be aware of how the two technologies differ, industry experts caution.

  • Economy could break outsourcers, analysts say

    Demand for IT services continues to grow in the depressed economy, but outsourcers still face financial challenges as the economy forces them to evolve their services and customers continue to seek reduced pricing and smaller deals.

  • Wanted for hire: generalists, not IT specialists

    High-tech professionals with fewer skills could land more IT jobs, according to Interop speakers who argue that specific high-tech training and IT certifications could be detrimental to a career in next-generation data centers.

  • Unified communications, collaboration can help save cash

    Considering the current economic climate, some companies might not see an immediate need for unified communications and collaboration tools, but IT leaders argue the technology can help businesses increase productivity, cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Group to test virtual management interoperability

    The Distributed Management Task Force Monday established a forum that will further the industry organization's work toward developing standards and tools for enabling interoperability and management in virtual environments.

  • IBM layoffs incite backlash

    IBM's news that it will shed some 5,000 North American jobs and potentially send more positions overseas has stirred up some bad sentiment toward Big Blue as the U.S. economy continues to languish.

  • Could IBM be Sun's savior?

    The high-tech rumor mill churned at high speed Wednesday as industry watchers debated the good, the bad and the ugly about a potential pairing of IBM and Sun, if Big Blue does indeed acquire its long-time rival.