Stories by Jennifer Mears

  • VMware launches subscription service

    VMware Monday introduced a new developer network that includes cheaper access to its virtualization products, with the aim of making it easier for enterprise customers to deploy applications in virtual environments.

  • Novell: SCO on its last legs, bankruptcy imminent

    The SCO Group, the Unix vendor that gained notoriety for claiming IBM illegally incorporated its proprietary Unix code into Linux, is hanging by a thread and financial bankruptcy is "inevitable," according to court documents filed by Novell in U.S. District court in Utah this week.

  • IDC: Virtualisation market booming

    As x86 server virtualization software vendors roll out tools to better manage virtual environments, corporate users in growing numbers are looking at virtualization technology for more than test and development and simple server consolidation, according to a pair of reports from IDC.

  • HP updates Integrity line with dual-core Itanium

    HP Thursday introduced two servers and announced a refresh of its entire Integrity server line with the first dual-core Itanium processor, a chip that promises better performance, improved energy efficiency and advanced features such as hardware-based virtualization.

  • Grids moving into enterprise data centers

    Mention the word "grid" and most IT executives probably think of thousands of CPUs crunching numbers for data-intensive applications such as seismic modeling and drug discovery. Increasingly, however, grids are being considered as platforms for creating more flexible, efficient data center architectures.

  • VMware comes to Apple

    VMware is bringing its virtualization technology to Intel-based Apple computers, giving Mac users the ability to run multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, NetWare and Solaris, in virtual machines alongside Mac OS X.

  • HP's Mercury buy only tip of software plans

    For the past couple of years, HP has been snapping up software companies, but its plans to acquire application management specialist Mercury Interactive should give the systems vendor the boost it needs to convince customers and the industry that it is serious about software, analysts say.

  • HP unveils new blade platform

    HP Wednesday rolled out a BladeSystem platform that it hopes will give it a boost in the fast-growing blade server market by providing customers with a more flexible, easier to manage, energy-efficient system.

  • Azul brings compute appliance

    Azul Systems, a startup headed by former Sun executives, is offering appliances that promise to help customers adapt to rapidly changing Web-based workloads.

  • Intel, AMD add advanced features to processor packs

    Recognizing that clock speed is no longer a strong selling point, Intel and AMD are enhancing their x86 processors with embedded features such as virtualization and management tools meant to take the heavy lifting off the software that handles such tasks today.

  • IDF - Intel aims to fend off AMD servers

    Intel plans to use its biannual Developer Forum in San Francisco this week to get into the nitty gritty of a new microprocessor architecture that the company says will help it close the gap with Advanced Micro Devices, which has been eating into the chip giant's market share as customers look for high-performing, low power-consuming systems.