Stories by Alan Schaverien

  • SECURITY CLINIC: Legal tangles in the Web

    Many organisations argue that existing legislation fails to offer meaningful solutions regarding employee misuse of e-mail and the Internet, employer versus employee rights and general electronic information management and responsibility. While the laws themselves may be clear, the practice is not and the issues are yet to be worked through in the courts.

  • SECURITY CLINIC: Archiving offers legal safety net

    With the increasing use of e-mail for day-to-day business, organisations are recognising the compelling need to include e-mail within their overall communication policies. Sensitive information, business communications and transactions are all part of the electronic world.

  • SECURITY CLINIC: Privacy versus efficiency

    While its predecessor the paperless office was an urban myth, the electronic workplace is a reality. Technology that used to be the exclusive domain of academics and high-tech firms is now mission-critical in even the smallest of businesses. PCs are the most obvious incarnation of this phenomenon. Networks, e-mail and the Internet soon followed.