Stories by Roberta Fusaro

  • Exchange Server Tools Online by Dec. 31

    Microsoft Corp. last week said it will make a new service pack and several messaging migration tools for Exchange Server 5.5 available for free download from its Web site by Dec. 31.

  • Notes update to introduce browser feel

    Long-time Lotus Notes users and developers are in for a shock - and additional training - when they see Version 5.0, which ditches the familiar desktop icons and workspace. The good news is that the new interface is similar to a browser, which should make it easier for newcomers to learn Lotus Notes.

  • Lotus works to repair Domino database bug

    Lotus last week acknowledged they are working on a fix for a security problem in some Web applications based on its Domino server and created by Lotus business partners. But at the same time, the vendor also said it's not sure whether the flaw lies in its Domino server software or the way the software has been set up.

  • Semiconductor market could still strengthen

    It's no secret that weak Asian economies have undermined the semiconductor market. But an industry research firm predicts that key segments of the market could strengthen by mid-1999. In a study released recently, Dataquest predicts that the worldwide semiconductor market will decline 6 per cent this year but will grow by 11.8 per cent next year to $US155 billion if the shaky dynamic RAM market improves.

  • Lotus trots out Notes training apps

    Lotus this week said it will create a portfolio of on-demand training products for Notes users and announced the first application in that portfolio, QuickCards for Notes 4.6. QuickCards will let users click on an icon to call up a set of instructions for handling Notes tasks such as calendaring and scheduling.