Stories by Staff Writers

  • Gatekeeper offers doctors healthy returns

    The Australian Health Insurance Commission has begun its digitally encrypted online payments system, based on the public key infrastructure (PKI), to allow health care professionals across Australia to exchange payments electronically.

  • Mission winners are virtual ambassadors

    Technology's heartland, Silicon Valley, is the destination for 10 Australian virtual ambassadors promoting their, and the nation's, information technology in an all-expenses-paid trade mission.

  • SAP runs for replacement CEO

    SAP Australia has appointed former PricewaterhouseCoopers executive Chris Bennett to replace Tony Harris who resigned from the position of CEO for Australia and New Zealand just last Thursday.

  • Eisa raises the stakes with key backers

    John Fairfax Holdings, Mike Fitzpatrick Hastings Funds Management, ANZ and Disney have emerged as key backers behind Eisa's $350 million acquisition of UUNet's consumer internet arm, OzEmail.

  • AOL and AAPT finally stitch up deal

    The long-awaited deal between AAPT and America Online has finally come to fruition, with the two organisations announcing today a 50/50 joint venture to operate AOL Australia.

  • Great expectations realised

    US enterprise software vendor Great Plains this week announced soaring financial results for the fiscal quarter ended February 29.

  • NCR implements Sun deal

    Relationship technology company NCR has announced it has been selected as an implementation vendor for Sun Microsystems' Sun Remote Services (SRS) program.

  • Dialog secures slice of ICE

    Australian IT services provider Dialog Information Technology has purchased a 50 per cent shareholding in award-winning multimedia design house, ICE Media.

  • Eisa gradually unfolds funding arrangement

    Eisa is "well progressed" in finalising the funding arrangements for its $300 million acquisition of OzEmail, the company announced in a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange yesterday.

  • AA gets Spiked

    Spike Networks and Arthur Andersen have joined their online and consulting colleagues in forming an e-business partnership.

  • Eisa snares OzEmail

    Internet company eisa looks set to capture the hotly contended consumer business arm of OzEmail in a deal which is expected to be detailed today.