Stories by Franklin Tessler

  • The hidden danger of touchscreens

    Spend five minutes on any busy street corner and you'll spot people using tablets and smartphones in dangerous ways, whether it's texting behind the wheel or strolling with their eyes on the screen.

  • Presentation software improves with age

    At first glance, it's easy to dismiss Keynote 3 as a minor upgrade - even the icon hasn't changed. But lurking beneath the surface are many new features Keynote users have been clamouring for. Although the program still isn't perfect, those enhancements make Keynote an even more compelling alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint 2004.

  • MacPac now Palm-compatible

    The long-awaited Palm-compatible version of Claris Organizer, which 3Com acquired from Apple last year, is here at last. Like Organizer, 3Com/Palm Computing's MacPac 2 combines an easy-to-use scheduler and contact manager in one convenient package - but it can also share data with Palm organisers.