Stories by David L. Margulius

  • BEA vs. Peoplesoft: 10 reasons it's different this time

    On paper, Oracle's recent US$6.7 billion offer for BEA Systems looks a lot like the hostile bid for PeopleSoft four years ago -- a bad-for-competition, bad-for-employees, bad-for-customers deal designed with one goal in mind: fatten Oracle shareholders' wallets by taking out a competitor.

  • Culture clash at SAP

    SAP announced it was acquiring a couple of small software companies this week: CRM vendor Wicom and identity management solution provider MaXware. But the big SAP news is that details of the company's recent turbulence and Shai Agassi's departure are finally starting to come to light.

  • Intel report reveals company secrets

    How transparent is your IT operation? Does the rest of the company know how your budget is spent? Your performance against SLAs? Cost per terabyte of WAN traffic? And if they do, do key outside constituencies such as customers and vendors also know?

  • The real cost of switching to Linux

    The jury is in. After years of experimentation with Linux in the enterprise, customers, analysts, and vendors are starting to sing a consistent tune about where Linux makes financial sense and where it doesn’t.

  • Ethernet turns 30

    Congratulations, Ethernet. You’ve just turned 30, you’ve exceeded your parents’ wildest expectations, you are well liked, and you’re thousands of times faster than you were when you were young. Not bad! Dave Margulius reports.