Stories by Durelle Fry

  • Access that's not so remote

    The remote access market in Australia is still in a developmental stage. Emerging technologies are being trialled and tested, and the consumer market is being challenged to accept many products and systems. Durelle Fry looks at the pros and cons of what's on offer.

  • All that's fit to print

    With the big guns in the printer market constantly expanding their ranges, the choice for consumers from the SOHO to the large corporation can be bewildering. Durelle Fry talked to several printer vendors about the issues facing printer manufacturers today, and looks at the latest products on offer

  • Scanning the market

    Concentrated in the home and small business markets, scanners are fast joining printers as an item considered necessary on the desktop. Durelle Fry spoke to several manufacturers to find out their position in the market, and offers a look at the latest products on offer

  • Revolution on the desktop

    For several years, the industry press has focussed on trends such as the growth of notebook computers and future technology like network computers and NetPCs. When the dust settles, though, the growth area is still the old stalwart, desktop computers. Durelle Fry talked to vendors about opportunities for resellers, total cost of ownership and future trends such as NCs and the Internet


    f the current trend in monitors is anything to go by, larger monitors with flat TFT screens - at more competitive prices - seem to be what the market is asking for.

  • Hold the line

    The dust has nearly settled after the raging battle to establish a 56Kbps modem standard. Durelle Fry spoke with industry experts in both local and overseas markets to find out the differences in the products available and what lies ahead in modem technology

  • FEATURE Profit or loss?

    With the proliferation of accounting software products available, it is difficult for the uninitiated to work out which product is suitable for a particular business, what the reseller needs to know to sell the product; and what the differences are between products. Australian Reseller News' Durelle Fry spoke to several accounting software publishers to find out about these issues.

  • FEATURE Sound and 3d graphics

    There's a profitable niche in add-on graphics and sound cards. The buzzword is 3D and it's going to be big this year. While games are driving the market, other areas of interest such as professional music and graphics account for good sales levels. To come to terms with the developments in the 3D graphics and sound card market in this country, Australian Reseller News' Durelle Fry spoke with Paul Corning, country manager of Diamond Multimedia, and Kamil Gurgen, the newly appointed marketing manager of Creative Pacific

  • FEATURE Remote access

    In 1999, US road warriors will connect to enterprise networks using wireless links that provide bandwidth-on- demand more economically than wireline connections. Counterparts in small offices will fire up asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) connections, linking them to the corporate LAN at T-1 speed upstream and 6Mbps downstream. National carriers and local Internet service providers will offer virtual private networks (VPN) -- enhanced Internet-based data backbones tying together corporate workgroups on far-flung LANs. Between larger branch offices, public frame relay will continue to rule