Stories by Snowball Fairlight

  • Acer plays a tasteful tune

    Given the fervour with which employees of different IT companies across Australia have thrown their support behind various cancer research funds over the last six months, it is a wonder anyone in the industry has any hair left.

  • Prince Charming lives on at CA

    At his recent sojourn at CA World in Florida, CA's David Sanday proved that chivalry is not dead. Known for his creativity, Sanday proved his manliness by jumping the bar, donning an apron and relieving his damsel in distress of her washing up duties in the wee small hours.

  • Tinkerbell takes a technical tumble

    IBM's latest attempt to distance itself from its deep blue suit image by placing its faith in a "magical", "new" material called "pixie dust" is enough to knock Tinkerbell right off her perch.

  • If at first you don't succeed

    Hitech Distribution's John Winter is well known for his enthusiasm for all things IT, and his ability to carry out multiple phone conversations whilst driving dangerously.

  • Olympic star spotting

    Apologies to channel players in the other states, but it so happens that there is a big party on in Sydney at the moment. Lots of people have been running, sailing, pole vaulting, swimming, diving, jumping, shot putting, and so on about the place (in case you hadn't noticed).

  • Big cheese gags Apple book

    Software vendors it would seem are becoming firmly entrenched in their "I write the history" magnate status, with one the big Apples himself, Steve Jobs, attempting to gag the publication of an unauthorised biography.

  • IT makes the stars shine!

    Just to prove that computer geeks do have hearts as well as headaches, some of the biggest names in the local industry have joined forces to launch an IT charity fund.

  • Goldilocks a no show

    Storage VAR Digital Storage has announced its new partnership deals with hardware and software vendors ATL, EMC, Exabyte and Veritas.

  • Worn out and Wireless

    Australian resellers, always on the look out for new and innovative niche markets, may find themselves caught up in the brave new pret-a-porter world of wireless fashion.

  • Teeny- boppers take to Internet

    Sources close to the promoters bill it as "the biggest entertainment event of the new millennium," but if you haven't been home (and sufficiently bored to be channel flicking) on Sunday evenings you may have missed it entirely.