Stories by Paul Venezia

  • Cisco delivers 10 Gigabit Ethernet to the closet

    Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop isn't for every infrastructure, but it's become a popular push both by switching vendors and network admins. And no wonder: Servers are generally using bonded gigabit links to the network, the cost of Gigabit Ethernet closet switches are dropping, and many corporate desktops are now shipping with Gigabit Ethernet NICs by default.

  • Visio 2003 makes the right moves

    The term Visio hasn’t quite become a verb, akin to Google, but the presence of this tool in daily IT life is significant. Visio has become the de facto standard for standard diagram drawings, especially network layouts and process flowcharting.

  • How the Linux kernel gets built

    The Linux kernel development process is akin to a game of leapfrog. Even-numbered kernels (v2.0, v2.2, v2.4) are stable kernels, and odd-numbered kernels are unstable, or development, kernels. As soon as a kernel is released as an even number, the next odd numbered kernel is born, and historically, the previous even-numbered kernel is placed into maintenance mode.

  • Red Hat refreshes Advanced Server

    It’s been quite some time since Red Hat refreshed its enterprise server line, and the Linux world has changed significantly since the company released Advanced Server 2.1 nearly 18 months ago.

  • Dell switches make waves

    With miniscule margins on personal computers and servers, it's not surprising that Dell Inc. is branching out with forays into other aspects of the datacenter. What is surprising is that they're doing it very well.

  • NetScreen’s IDP-100 impressive

    IDS (intrusion detection system) products have been undergoing a renaissance of late. By incorporating application-layer packet-filtering capabilities, they are evolving to provide more than just notification of potential security threats.