Stories by John Ribeiro

  • OPEN SOURCE - what next?

    The biggest challenge for the open source community is that there are too few open source developers, according to Michael Tiemann, vice-president of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat. Tiemann spoke to IDG's JOHN RIBIERO about issues relating to the open source movement, Red Hat's strategies and his recent blog debate with Jonathan Schwartz, president of Sun, on Sun's commitment to open source.

  • SAP details India plans

    SAP has announced that it is increasing the number of staff at its Bangalore, India, development centre to 3000 by 2006.

  • D-Link develops low-cost Linux networking gear

    D-Link India has developed low-cost, Linux-based networking equipment such as routers and firewalls, and VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) phones, specially designed for the requirements of emerging economies, according to an executive of the company.

  • Storage: A vision of togetherness

    One analyst explains how server and storage virtualization will one day converge, enabling unified, and even autonomic, management of today's distinct systems environments.

  • India to leapfrog to 4G wireless

    India aims to leapfrog to fourth-generation (4G) wireless technology, skipping 3G technology because it has not been found to be cost-effective, according to the country's new minister for IT and communications, Dayanidhi Maran.

  • Unisys sets up India subsidiary

    Unisys is setting up a technology development centre here, which will employee about 2000 people within the next five years. The company plans to spend $US180 million on the centre during this period for employment and related expenses.

  • LogicaCMG plans acquisition spree

    LogicaCMG, which aims to become one of the top 10 IT services companies in the world by revenue over the next five years, is planning acquisitions worldwide, including one in India, according to a company executive.

  • HP to sell non-branded PCs in India

    In a bid to get a share of the growing non-branded PCs market worldwide, HP is kicking off a new initiative in India, planning to sell unbranded PC kits to local assemblers.

  • Gartner: Services revenue to grow

    The global information technology (IT) services market is forecast to cross $US707 billion by 2007, recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7 per cent, according to research firm Gartner.

  • India agency offers build-to-order supercomputer

    The Indian government-run Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has designed a parallel-processing 1 TFLOP (trillion floating point operations per second) supercomputer, scalable up to 16 TFLOPs and available on a build-to-order basis.

  • Indian software house under investigation

    Satyam Computer Services, one of India's largest software services companies, is under investigation by the Indian Government's department of company affairs (DCA) for alleged financial irregularities.

  • Oracle outlines Asia outsourcing strategy

    Oracle plans to work with data centre operators in Asia Pacific, rather than set up its own data centres in the region for its IT outsourcing services, according to a company executive.