Stories by Renata Murawska

  • PC sales boom in Q4 '98 favours the majors

    The last quarter of 1998 stood as a witness to the further consolidation of the Australian PC market, with 450,000 units shipped, according to IDC reports. Amongst the factors contributing to the 9.6 per cent increase in overall shipments from the same period in 1997, IDC listed the normal end-of-season influences assisted by low inflation as well as the mobile PC purchasing programs by the education market.

  • The fate of the modem

    Many critics claim the external modem is an endangered species, not capable of matching the price competitiveness of internal versions. So, asks Renata Murawska, is the external modem dead and if so will new markets open up to replace it?

  • ERG smartcard scores R&D money

    Perth based smartcard specialists ERG procured a $3 million research and development grant from the Commonwealth Government's Industry Research and Development Board.

  • Resellers optimistic for coming year

    The Australian channel is brimming with confidence according to a reseller survey carried out by ARN and office equipment finance company RentSmart. The general outlook for the near future seems to be more than positive, with 78 per cent of survey respondents declaring "fair" or "extreme" levels of confidence in the IT industry for 1999. More than three quarters expect an overall increase in the value of sales this year, a prediction reflected by the 40 per cent of respondents that declared an intention to employ more people in the coming year.

  • New WinDelete 5 Uninstaller promises safety, efficiency

    IMS Australia has announced the arrival of the latest version of its WinDelete family - WinDelete 5 Uninstaller. IMS is the subsidiary of the US-based business productivity applications developer International Microcomputer Software. WinDelete 5 is designed to improve hard-drive efficiency by ridding it of duplicated and dead applications and cleaning out orphaned files and Internet debris, IMS claims.

  • PCs in flux

    The last quarter of 1998 stood as a witness to the further consolidation of the Australian PC market with an additional 450,000 units shipped in Australia, IDC reports.

  • Keycorp mobilises EFTPOS

    Keycorp's K78 Advanced Mobile Payment Terminal, the smallest mobile EFTPOS terminal around, had its launch in Sydney on Wednesday.

  • Home-grown software gets thumbs up

    Locally developed compiler/con-verter software TAL2C has been chosen by Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC) to convert millions of lines of its Tandem programs running on the New York Stock Exchange into ANSI/ISO Standard C. "The New York Stock Exchange is probably Tandem's most visible customer and for SIAC to have chosen TAL2C to convert its applications is a tremendous endorsement of our product and our conversion technology," said Tony Bond, managing director of TAL2C's developer International Software Services (ISS).

  • Queensland becoming Australia's Silicon Valley

    EL Consulting has chosen Brisbane as a new location to expand its IT headhunting activities. The decision came after its survey showed that Queensland is consistently maintaining the highest demand for IT executives in Australia

  • BEA appoints CiTR as Authorised Service Partner

    CiTR, a Brisbane-based telecommunication software developer, has been appointed a wordlwide Authorised Service Partner (ASP) by BEA Systems, provider of cross-platform middleware solutions for enterprise applications.

  • 3M brings partners and clients nearer

    Your global partners and clients may be nearer than you expect, with a new addition of the VCS3100-Multi Point (MP) to Videoconferencing Systems VCS 3000 Series by 3M Australia. "Now there is no need to pre-book and pay for third-party bridging services or information technology support," proclaimed Peter Strohkorb, 3M Australia's business development manager for Advanced Meeting Solutions.

  • Com Tech wins council deal for new network

    Sydney-based network integrator Com Tech Communications has been chosen by Gold Coast City Council to provide a new data communications network for over 1200 administration users, making it one of the largest ATM-based networks in Queensland. The initial stage of the deal is valued at $1.6 million, with its completion expected by March this year. Further developments are expected to proceed in the next two years.

  • Compuware releases new Y2K tools

    Compuware officials have announced Windows developers and testers can now use NuMega TrueCoverage and EXPEDITER/Code Coverage analysis tools in their fight with the Y2K boogie man. Released two weeks ago, Compuware's new reconnaissance tools automatically locate untested codes in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java and mainframe applications, enabling them to minimise risks associated with untested Y2K solutions, officials claim.