Stories by Joel Strauch

  • Vista's promising video upgrades

    When it comes to graphics, Microsoft's new operating system may earn its name. Vista promises plenty of great views with upgrades for richly detailed games, as well as better-looking and more-useful desktop apps.

  • New DVD copying program debuts

    In the wake of a federal judge's ruling that 321 Studios LLC can no longer manufacture and sell some of its DVD-copying software, the company has released DVDExtreme, a suite of DVD and CD authoring and backup tools that will copy DVD movies that are not protected by Contents Scrambling System technology.

  • Laplink upgrades mobile tool for all remote devices

    Everywhere 2.0 is described as a “remote and mobile access Web service” designed to bring your desktop to any browser-enabled device. It uses 128-bit encryption and two levels of passwords for remote desktop access. The client software is now available in the US for download from LapLink.

  • ATI revs Radeon graphics chips

    ATI Technologies has unveiled the Radeon 9700 graphics board, a $US399 gaming monster scheduled to ship in August, sporting 100 million transistors and full support for DirectX 9.