Stories by John Grant

  • Improving industry and government engagement

    On September 16, 1003 IT industry people turned up to lunch at the Brisbane Convention Centre to hear the Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, give her ‘state of the union’ address. On the previous occasion in 2008, 946 turned up.

  • Technology first, please

    The worldwide economic downturn provides an unwelcome but telling lens through which to view the value of the technology industry. Efficiency has become (another) top priority as families, businesses, governments and nations set out to meet the challenges at hand.

  • Technology first, please

    John Grant is the managing director of Data#3 and chair of the Australian Information Industry Association.

  • Gershon – it’s a matter of political will

    Since my first column on Gershon (ARN, July 23), Sir Peter has departed our fair shores and left a series of challenging and optimistic recommendations in a report laid down (presumably) with some gusto on Minister Lindsay Tanner’s table. Last week, Tanner stated the recommendations would be adopted completely in full.

  • The Gershon Review - will it succeed?

    In April, the Federal Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Lindsay Tanner, announced the appointment of UK efficiency expert, Sir Peter Gershon, to lead an independent review of the Australian Government's use and management of ICT. The terms of reference of the review are far reaching and of critical importance to our local industry. However given that it is an initiative of the Minister of Finance, its major thrust is cost-effective investment with an emphasis on consolidation.

  • Is green IT special or business as usual?

    I remember when I started in this industry with IBM, a key sales strategy was to create FUD -- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt -- in the minds of our customers. The idea was that if we covered prospective customers with a thick layer of FUD, going with the 'big, safe' IBM would be an easy and logical decision. In those days 'no one ever got fired for buying IBM' was the subtle subtext in IT decision making.