Stories by Simon Steele

  • Consulting room: Look before you leap

    It probably won’t surprise you to know that companies in Australia are using social media as a core part of their business strategy in greater numbers every day. This includes Dell, Coca-Cola, V Australia and Toyota to name a just a few high profile organisations.

  • Social networking to generate sales leads

    The main reason everyone is migrating marketing efforts online is to do with the simplicity of directing and tracking leads. It’s much easier to click through to and complete a short form, than it is to pick up a phone, dial a number, listen to a recorded voice option list and then… you get the picture.

  • Local Insight: How do you go to market in tough times?

    Australia may have been doomed to follow the world into recessions past, but some dire predictions notwithstanding, there’s a real sense of optimism on this occasion that we can ride the storm and come out stronger than many nations.