Stories by Naomi Jackson

  • Compaq migrates server range to Xeon

    More than a month after shipping its first Xeon-based products, Compaq has announced the general availability of a raft of servers running on Intel's new Slot-1 and Slot-2 processors.

  • Computer Power Group gets permanent with Interim

    Another local services organisation has succumbed to the temptations of an overseas investor. US-based Interim Services have announced their intention to bid more than $200 million for the Computer Power Group (CPG), Australia's largest independent provider of IT education and resourcing services.

  • IBM casts new lure to ISVs

    In a bid to win independent software vendors (ISVs) in the small and medium business space, IBM is offering a new program to help them optimise their applications for its Netfinity servers.

  • Microsoft resellers may lose their certification

    With Microsoft's presence in the large enterprise space gaining momentum, the company is streamlining its large account reseller (LAR) channel to ensure its customers in that market are being serviced effectively.

  • Application outsourcing represents a danger

    Vendors are touting applications outsourcing as the next big thing in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) space but resellers know they'll have to play it smart to get a share of the spoils.

  • King of the hill

    Love it or loathe it, Microsoft is the benchmark against which other software companies are measured. One man who will have a big say in its future is the company's chief operating officer, Bob Herbold.

  • Compaq overhauls outsourcing arm

    Despite its recent coup at Optus, Compaq's local outsourcing services group is set for a major revamp and the company's managing director, Ian Penman, is taking personal responsibility for the project.

  • Microsoft woos users with Exchange enhancements

    With neither company planning messaging and collaboration product upgrades before 1999, Microsoft and Lotus will spend the rest of this year vying for mindshare with promises of major enhancements in future releases.

  • Gateway product wrap-up

    Former direct-only vendor Gateway recently announced a hybrid direct/channel model. Currently, Gateway claims the split between its revenues from major accounts (corporates, government and larger medium-sized businesses) and the consumer market (including SOHO and very small businesses) is about 50-50. But the company is ambitiously shooting for one-third of its business to go through resellers by the end of next year.