Stories by Tamara Plakalo

  • Coming to terms with HP

    As HP continues to finalise the details of its post-merger channel programs, Tony Bill, HP vice president, personal systems group, South Pacific, talks to Tamara Plakalo about the changes to trading terms and conditions the vendor is implementing following the recently announced restructure.

  • Editorial: I believe in miracles

    Phew, what a year! You would think that after the turbulence of 2001, the past 12 months would have been all about getting back to the business of technology.

  • Editorial: Ger-ry! Ger-ry! Ger-ry!

    It ain't easy to inspire the wrath of the channel. But once it's there, mountains shake. Take Harvey Norman's flamboyant chief, Gerry Harvey. No sooner had he declared his hatred for ACCC chairman Professor Allan Fels, the phlegmatic enforcer of fair competitive behaviour decided to announce his retirement. OK, we all know that Fels retired for family reasons and Harvey's feuds with the ACCC are an ongoing affair, but let's not pretend Gerry's fury ends with inconsequential tantrums.

  • Editorial: Grey and gold

    Grey marketing is worth billions of dollars per year. To those who have learnt the ropes well enough to work around local trademark and copyright laws, the problem is not even a problem: the goods imported from a cheaper market are genuine, and the margin made on them is significantly higher than that made on the goods sourced through ‘legitimate' local distribution. For those who try to prevent it, finding economic or even legal grounds to back an action that effectively translates into quasi-monopolism is not easy.

  • HP details imaging and printing group revamp

    Higher rebates and growth in services are at the centre of HP's imaging and printing group (IPG) channel overhaul, which will see its value-added resellers receiving double the rebates they were offered under the pre-merger regime.

  • HP lays out credit terms

    Distributors will be playing a business development role and are expected to recruit more resellers under the new and tougher HP channel regime, which came into effect on November 4, three days later than originally announced by the company.

  • Editorial: Nurtural selection

    There's an old adage in vendor-land that goes something like this: when the going gets tough, the channel gets going. Slightly adjusted, it basically tells you how indispensable the reseller is in the grand (and very tough) scheme of IT things.

  • Express Data spins off online distributor

    A couple of years after the online sales concept made headlines for all the wrong reasons, value-added distributor Express Data has quietly placed its bets on the model, spinning off an online distribution business, Express Online.

  • Editorial: Total recall

    There's nothing like a product recall to stir up a good crisis and wipe millions of dollars off a company's revenue sheet. Such a calamity may seem remote, but product recalls are a fact of any manufacturer's life and a critical part of managing the business. Yet how many companies are actually prepared to deal with a product recall crisis when it hits?

  • Editorial: The rights stuff

    The problem of how to successfully integrate the human element with business imperatives, rules and ethics is a timeless one. Last week, I used this space to examine the right of an employer, PC assembler Total Peripherals Group (TPG), to assert control over setting workplace rules in the context of responding to its employees' spiritual needs.

  • Hi-Grade PCs come on down under

    Ever-decreasing margins and widespread warranty woes are problems Hi-Grade resellers won't have to deal with, the UK PC vendor promised last week as it officially launched an Australian operation.

  • Editorial: For God's sake

    I've never related to the famous Forrest Gump quote describing life as a box of chocolates that serves funny surprises to humble humans going about their daily business. When it comes to the channel, the dwindling margin praline is about as unexpected as it gets.