Stories by Tamara Plakalo

  • Editorial: Kingdoms going for a horse

    The Old Bard has never fooled me with his grand one-liners. Lately, though, I’ve had a very thespian urge to strut a stage and deliver a line in a booming voice: “Something is rotten in the kingdom of IT!” Or was that the department of IT? Well, take your pick.

  • Editorial: Free-for-all

    The Federal Government has finally declared an open season in the software distribution game. Ah! You’ve got to love the decisiveness of it all!

  • Editorial: Don't mention the war

    My news editor really didn’t want me to write another anti-war editorial. It’s not that he’s blasé about the war, it’s just that he feels we’re being bombarded [his choice of words, not mine] with war-related content. A major US vendor made similar noises to my publisher too — if they advertise, they said, the creative cannot be placed near any war-related stories. To their great credit, they don’t want to be seen as in any way being associated with the war.

  • Avaya predicts further channel rationalisation

    More channel rationalisation is on the cards as vendors pursue further cost reductions in order to take advantage of the 80-20 rule, according to IT telephony and wireless specialist Avaya. But the vendor is still looking to partner.

  • Editorial: Trojan flaws

    It may not be a Greek tragedy, but it is an epic tale never­theless. The debate over scare tactics that printer vendors allegedly use to “discourage” resellers from selling third party cartridges has taken another turn as a landmark lawsuit gets off the ground in the US.

  • Change of guard at Epson

    Epson Australia is set for a change of guard as local managing director Hiroki Yamamoto prepares to return to Japan at the end of the month.

  • Editorial: Spinning savvy

    These days, I seem to be seeing similarities between the channel and world politics everywhere. As I was having an imaginary conversation about volume and value with Mr Howard last week, the Bush administration got embroiled in the fight with the American TV network CBS — over a right of reply. Aha, I thought! Here is something that I have to deal with on a daily basis! Luckily for me, though, none of you guys are in possession of any B52s.

  • Tech Pac posts a record January

    Ingram may be on its tail, but the country’s leading broad-based distributor Tech Pacific has just posted a record January, claiming a 38 per cent increase in revenue on the same period last year.

  • INTERVIEW: On the way to the top: Ingram is no longer micro

    As industry pundits continue to question Ingram Micro’s commitment to Australia, the distributor keeps powering on claiming its management problems are behind it and announcing a renewed battle for the number one distribution spot in the country. Ingram’s regional head honcho, Hans Koppen, says Ingram is ready for more aggressive growth. Koppen discusses the IT market and Ingram’s acquisition plans with ARN’s Editor-in-chief Tamara Plakalo.

  • Editorial: You figure it out

    Wonder whether Westcon and Ingram Micro chief execs, Alan Marc Smith and Kent Foster, hooked up for a lunch of late? As the former summonsed his local head of operation Nick Verykios for another strategic session in New York, and the latter sent a messenger to Sydney with the news of potential acquisition, would it be too far fetched to assume a serviette deal could be on its way?

  • Editorial: Game is not over

    The slight recovery in corporate spending may go through a further and much needed renaissance — fuelled by the improved performance of the Aussie dollar.

  • Ingram opens new Sydney centre

    The official launch of a new office and distribution centre in Flemington yesterday has marked the completion of Ingram Micro's recently announced centralisation and the beginning of a new chase for the number one spot on the country's distribution ladder.