Stories by Tamara Plakalo

  • What has HP slashed now? Reseller credit!

    Seven months after it completed the post-merger overhaul of its channel programs, HP Australia has begun a fresh review of its distribution channel and a re-evaluation of credit relationships with some of its direct resellers.

  • Editorial: Your shout, Peter

    There’s not much wisdom in the observation that the left and right sides of the political spectrum are more often than not one and the same. Two events of the last week bring the point home to the IT realm, emphasising how little integrity it takes to govern for governance — rather than for the electorate’s sakes.

  • NetSuite to bring Net Returns to partners

    Australian Internet services company Net Return has struck a deal with Californian provider of online applications for small and medium-size businesses, NetLedger, to offer its NetSuite product in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Editorial: Shaw thing

    A George Bernard Shaw quote landed in my inbox last week. It read: “The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” It may have sounded like a line from a self-help book (and God knows I’m not the biggest fan of the genre), but looking at the state of play in the channel, it could just as easily have come from the mouth of Kerry Baillie, who has been trying to send a similar message to resellers for some time.

  • Daisytek Inc. files for Chapter 11

    Daisytek Inc., the US-based parent company of Daisytek Australia, has been placed into voluntary administration after being plagued by lending and liquidity problems for several consecutive quarters. The Chapter 11 petition will allow the company to enter into a deal to restructure its financial losses under the US Bankruptcy Code.

  • Editorial: The dating game

    It’s official — there are more committed partners than "slutty relationships" in the channel. Although Microsoft Word’s spell-check doesn’t recognise that word, I’m sure you’ll get my drift. And if you feel like complaining to a censorship body, please note that it was the straight-talking MD of Ingram Micro, Steve Rust — and not this humble editor — who first used the metaphor.

  • SNAP is back

    Storage and network specialist Lan 1 has re-signed a distribution agreement for SNAP Appliance’s entire range of NAS products.

  • Editorial: The HP thereom

    A strange mathematical problem is peering at commuters from billboards all over Sydney. Looking every inch as sexy, but slightly more mysterious than a Windsor Smith ad, the “problem” calls for you to work out the possibilities of partnering with HP.

  • Editorial: Game, set and match!

    Congratulations to Steve Vamos for picking a brilliant week for a heart-to-heart with the IT press corp. He may not have been able to predict it, but amidst much ado about the government’s prematurely leaked IT Steering Committee report, Vamos’ admission that Licensing 6.0 had not worked as well as the company hoped went down with not so much as a slight whimper. No victorious war-dances from CIOs. No grand “I told you so” from the competition. Just one very profitable quarter behind the company. Game, set and match — Microsoft!

  • Editorial: Know your enemy

    Hands up if you are a reseller and you think the (federal/state/local) government is your worst enemy. Now hands up if you are a woman, so that I can tell you — in my most sympathetic and non-governmental voice — I hear you, sister! Because I do.

  • Microsoft announces changes to Licensing 6.0

    Recently appointed managing director of Microsoft Australia, Steve Vamos, has singled out licensing as one of the main challenges ahead in the quest to move the software company from a product-driven to a customer-focused entity.