Stories by Brian Sullivan

  • HP/Compaq: SEC and US Attorney probe merger deal

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission and the US Attorney's office for the Southern District of New York have both made inquiries to Hewlett Packard regarding deals the company may have made with two major shareholders leading up to last month's HP/Compaq merger vote.

  • Intel pays $US300m to settle patent suit

    Intel has agreed to pay Alabama-based Intergraph $US300 million in return for a group of patents, cross-licensing agreements and a cap on damages in a second lawsuit that is still pending.

  • HP/COMPAQ - Analysts to Hewlett: It's time to move on

    Analysts said Tuesday that the only winners in Monday's decision by a Delaware judge to let Walter Hewlett's lawsuit continue against Hewlett-Packard to block its merger with Compaq are Dell, IBM and Sun Microsystems -- and anyone else who competes against the computer maker.

  • Florida man faces charges of identity theft

    US Secret Service agents and Jacksonville County Sheriff's officers arrested a 30-year-old Florida man who authorities allege was trying to sell 60,000 names and personal information of The Prudential Insurance Co. of America employees.

  • IT job jumpers more to be likely laid off than veterans

    Those who took advantage of the hot economy of the 1990s to job-hop may now find themselves first on the layoff list and with fewer prospects for future employment as long as the current economic downturn lasts. At least that's what some observers of the IT job market are saying.

  • June 1 virus hoax damage can be repaired

    If you fell for the June 1 virus hoax and dutifully deleted the SULFNBK.EXE file from your Windows 98 operating system, don't panic. Chances are good that you won't notice that the file has been removed, its loss won't harm Windows 98, and the file can be easily replaced.

  • Experts warn against June 1 virus hoax

    An e-mail hoax circulating around the Internet in a variety of languages calls on users to trash the SULFNBK.EXE file in the Windows 98 operating system. Experts say you should ignore the e-mail because deleting the file could damage your operating system.

  • Attack takes CERT off the Web

    CERT, the government-funded Internet security group, was knocked off the Web yesterday morning in the US after it came under attack for the second time in three days.