Stories by Chad Dickerson

  • MY SAY: A heyday for open source?

    As I begin to execute my team's initiatives for 2005, I'm finding that open source is still central to my overall IT strategy. My view of open source in the enterprise, however, is changing as open source matures.

  • CTO CONNECTION: Yanking my supply chain

    Last week, I had an experience that shook my faith in SCM (supply chain management) and made me think that the concept might just occupy the same space as CRM, ERP, and other big software categories that I lump under TDW (Things that Don’t Work) or perhaps TRLC (Things that Require Lots of Consultants) or maybe HLF (High Likelihood of Failure).

  • CTO CONNECTION: All praise Windows XP

    Back in September, a misguided soul in the technology press wrote the following about the release of the Windows XP "gold code" to manufacturers: "I've never been less excited about a major software release from Microsoft than I have been about Windows XP." The same misguided, so-called journalist went on to miss everything that was interesting and compelling about Windows XP.