Stories by Earl Greer

  • NetSonar weeds out network flaws

    Your customer's network probably isn't anywhere near as secure as it needs to be. If they subscribe to any security alert services, they know how difficult it is to keep up to date on security holes that hackers ferret out. Network security scanners take the burden off by searching the nooks and crannies of a network to find vulnerabilities and then telling you which nodes need to be fixed. Cisco Systems' NetSonar Security Scanner 2.0 is one scanner that we decided to add to our security toolbox.

  • Norton 2000 stamps out elusive Y2K bugs

    Are all the applications on your desktop year 2000 compliant? Are any hidden year 2000 bugs lurking in the spreadsheet and database data files on your desktop PC? Merely doing a visual check through your files is unlikely to uncover all the subtle date bugs that could afflict your system. That's where Symantec's Norton 2000 comes in handy. This automated tool does a thorough job of checking all three areas of year 2000 exposure on the PC: the basic input/output system (BIOS) clock, applications and data.