Stories by David Court

  • MWC 2013 smartphones: What you need to know

    Smartphones launches are what everyone looks out for at MWC and 2013 is set to be no different. Here's where we take a look at what is expected to launch at Mobile World Congress this year - Smartphone launches at MWC 2013.

  • Samsung unveils Galaxy S3 Mini

    Samsung has officially unveiled its Galaxy S3 Mini. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini smartphone has a 4-inch super AMOLED display, NFC and is 16.6 percent smaller than the original Galaxy S3.

  • iPhone 5 leaked images

    Potential iPhone 5 leaked images have appeared on the web recently. The new iPhone 5 looks as though it will have a bigger screen and a centred front facing camera. Take a look at our full iPhone 5 leaked images article to find out more.

  • iPad Mini release date, specs and rumours

    Apple has been toying with the idea of releasing an iPad Mini for some time. But now, if the rumours are true, it looks as though the technology iGiant has got a ballpark release date in mind.