Stories by Dorte Toft

  • Sega's Dreamcast reaches out to the Net

    When Sega of America released the Sega Dreamcast in the US last week following a $US100 million marketing campaign, 300,000 buyers had preregistered orders, the company said.

  • Synthetic emotions: HAL on the desktop

    Twelve scientists had indirectly paid a tribute to HAL, the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey as they met in Austria to discuss the topic of emotions in humans and artifacts.

  • Lucent buys switchmaker, Cisco buys Net technology

    Rival networking giants Lucent Technologies and Cisco Systems both continued on their growth-through-acquisition paths today, with Lucent announcing that it has agreed to pick up Excel Switching, and Cisco disclosing plans to buy Internet technology developer MaxComm Technologies.

  • Competition boosts unified messaging

    The number of electronic in-boxes that can handle all types of messages, whether voice, e-mail or fax, will grow drastically in the coming years from 35,000 last year to 25.4 million by 2003, according to market research published last week by International Data Corp.

  • MS offers consumers free Web hosting

    Microsoft has made yet another foray into the territory of the largest online consumer-service provider, America Online, by announcing the availability of a beta site that provides free hosting of Web communities.

  • IBM acquires Sequent for $810 million

    Bolstering its presence in the Unix and Windows NT markets, IBM announced on Monday it has agreed to a merger, valued at $US810 million, with Sequent Computer Systems.

  • MS launches TVPAK

    Microsoft is moving right along in its grab for a piece of the future demand for so-called "set-top boxes". Making another foray into television, Microsoft last week unveiled the Microsoft TV Platform Adaptation Kit (TVPAK), consisting of client software for use in TV-related devices in the household.

  • Phones to boost e-commerce

    Voice technology will make the phone take off as an interface to electronic commerce, according to several speakers at Tech Talk, a conference on speech technology that opened last week at the World Trade Center in Boston.